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Your Full-Service Marketing Specialists


Marketing is everything you do to build your business. At Lacy & Par, we use the marketing basics as our blueprint. The marketing basics are there for a reason… they work. And they are critical to the success of your marketing and sales functions. 

More importantly, it's never a bad idea to periodically look at the marketing basics in the use of direct mail. By keeping the basics in mind, we are able to develop effective strategies and help you create a custom marketing piece that effectively meets your needs.


Promotional Products

A promotional product offers a constant reminder of your brand — whether it’s sitting on a desk, hanging from a keychain or plastered on a coffee cup. Lacy & Par offers a vast selection of promotional products that range from trade show give-aways to handsome corporate gifts, and everything in-between.  If you haven’t integrated promotional products into your marketing mix, here are some ideas:

  • Trade shows

  • Employee relations and events

  • Brand awareness

  • Public relations

  • New customer/account generation

  • Employee service awards

  • Not-for-profit programs

  • Internal promotions

  • New product/service introductions

  • Customer goodwill and retention


Marketing your business

Enhance your marketing impact with promotional products from Lacy & Par!

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