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Printing Machine

About Us...


Lacy & Par was established in Seattle in 1984, and in that time has seen many changes – changes in address, a few faces, amazing new capabilities — all in a continuing effort to keep in line with the changing requirements of our clients. 

The Lacy & Par family, has, like any family, grown over the past 30 years. Today, along with direct marketing, mailing lists, and variable data/personalized printing, we have added a printing department for offset printing, yard sign printing and large format printing services.

The integration of an experienced print team into the Lacy & Par family means one place to call for all your direct marketing needs. Though the services have been expanded, our dedication to service and quality, as well as our commitment to being the very best direct marketing service partner our clients will ever need, remains constant.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amount of support we have received from both our clients and the local community. Knowing that we provide a valuable service gives Lacy & Par the momentum to continue providing the best service and value to our customers.

Why Choose Lacy & Par? 

At Lacy & Par, we take great pride in placing customer service at the pinnacle of our priorities. We understand that your customers are your first priority, so we make them ours too. Expect the best, most accurate advice and service with us, backed by our core values of teamwork, integrity, dependability, and trust.



Lacy & Par has a longstanding reputation in the fulfillment of bulk direct marketing, promotion and literature materials. We attribute our success to thousands of long-term happy customers.

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